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Deborah Grand Chapter of Empire State


Deborah Grand Chapter of Empire State O.E.S

Sis. Mattie Grant,
Worthy Grand Matron

Ill. Harvey Banner Jr. 33,
Worthy Grand Patron

Sis. Debbie Williams,
Worthy Grand Assoc. Matron

Ill. James Stewart Jr. 33 ,
Worthy Grand Assoc. Patron

Sis. Dorothy Davis,
Worthy Grand Secretary

Sis. Mary Carter,
Grand Treasurer

Sis. Ramona Mack,
Grand Trustee

Sis Barbara Solomon,
Grand Trustee

Sis. Shelia Miller,
State Representative

Allie K. Jones #768
Cecelia #707
Cora B. Cabala #665
Daughters of Hannibal #655
Ethel Reese Progressive #855
Guiding Light #518
Nubian Shining Star #701
Ray Roberson Sisterhood #527
Rising Star #5
Ruth #913
Samaria Chapter #914
Starlight #133
Star of Faith #621
Star of Zion #442
Williamsburg Progressive #312

Deborah Grand Chapter of Empire State Order of Eastern Stars History
In October of 1943, the late sister Julia Womack, wife of the late Rev. H.B. Womack, along with her sister Lillian Jefferson, recruited 22 women. Out of this group, the first Eastern Chapter was formed; Princess Martha Chapter #1 with Sis. Lillian Jefferson as Worthy Matron. Four more chaptesr were soon set up and thus the Empire State Grand Chapter was chartered.
The following Past Worthy Matrons were:
  • Sis. Lillian Jefferson  1944-1950
  • Sis. Irene Washington  1951-1955
  • Sis. Viola Payne  1955-1957
  • Sis. Lucille K. Scott  1957-1968
  • Sis. Cora B. Watson  1968-1970
  • Sis. helen Van Dusen Baskerville  1970-1971
  • Sis. Lona m. Salmon  1972-1983
  • Sis. Lillian Thornton 1983-1994

In 1993, Empire State Grand Chapter changed it's name to Deborah Grand Chapter of Empire State with the following Worthy Grand Matrons serving:

  • Sis. Ethel Rose  1993-1994
  • Sis. Zenovia Palmer Irvin  1994-1996
  • Sis. Lee Anna Brown  1996 (Acting)
  • Sis. Doris Reed  1996-2004
  • Sis. Mattie Grant- Present

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